We are True Relationships

Established in late 2001, Tim and Linda Buttrey had just come out of one of the most trying times of their lives, marriage, and family.

Their marriage nearly failed but they both chose to fight for their marriage. After attending a marriage intensive with Harry Schaumburg their marriage was restored. Better said, their marriage was made brand new. Helping others work through the pain and failure that come along with relationships, they began sharing their story and the principles they learned wherever they were invited. And, as they say, the rest is history. What began with the two of them traveling the country speaking at seminars, retreats, and churches has now become a counseling organization assisting hundreds of people discovering what it looks like to LIVE TRUE. That’s what this Stay True Blog is all about. We hope you find value in this resource.

Thank you for being here. For being open to enjoying life’s simple pleasures and looking inward to understand yourself, your neighbors, and your fellow humans! 

The True Relationships Team